Information from the School of Economics and Management

Lund University announces changes that will affect EFL. There is not much information available at this time, but EFL is working to find a satisfactory solution for all parties. Below is a press release from EFL’s principal, School of Economics and Management, forwarded.

Press release:
Based on the decision by Lund University to coordinate all continuing education as part of the University’s activities, the School of Economics and Management has made the assessment that it would not be responsible to enrol participants to an Executive MBA program at EFL with launch in September 2018, and made a decision accordingly. The reason is that EFL’s Executive MBA program stretches over 1.5 years, and it is simply not possible at the moment to see the full consequences of the changes that are being made at the University.

The School of Economics and Management has developed and delivered high-quality education programs both nationally and internationally since the beginning of the 1960s. The School’s view is that admission to programs can only be carried out as there are conditions to ensure that those who start a program can also complete it. Such conditions are unfortunately not at hand in the case of EFL’s Executive MBA program. At the same time, it is important to point out that the students who started the Executive MBA education at EFL in September 2017 will be able to complete the program according to plan (March 2019).

Fredrik Andersson, Dean at Lund University School of Economics and Management

Press release (in Swedish):